This is an Example of a WordPress SubPage

Example WordPress Subpage option is that you have a parent page and the Example WordPress will normally be connected by content of a similar nature. For example it could be about a certain make of cars and each Wordpress Subpage may be about a certain model or year of production, or it may be that the WordPress Subpage is used for reporting different aspect of a sporting club and each Wordpress Subpage will be about a certain division of the clubs teams. Did you know that when making a new page you can nominate a parent page and that the new page can become a child of the parent page (a sub page) It’s a handy way of keeping similar topics all the same section of a blog. You just need to look to the right and you will see where it says Page Attributes, you can select a page to be a “Parent” The video below is also on the frontpage but as you can see by having extra pages we can place content where ever we choose to, in this case I am adding the video to this section as I feel it can be beneficial to the reader and learner. If you found your way here then you will easy understand how to do this on your own WordPress Blog, Another term for the subpage will be Child Page and the main page will called the Parent Page. You can see the parent page in the top menu bar and if you place the cursor over it a drop down menu will normally appear and reveal the the Child Page, you will also see it in the sidebar menu, except it can be seen without having to place the cursor over the parent page. As mention earlier a Wordpress Subpage will mostly be of the same category as the Parent Page 

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