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Welcome to Wordy.Tv We are pleased to be able to share lots of WordPress Video Lessons and information on the worlds most accessible blogging platform that requires no coding knowledge. All you need is the desire to get started and learn how to use WordPress, sounds like fun! You would be surprised at what you can do with a WordPress blog, shops, stores, social and of course blogging. Have a look at all of our WordPress Videos and you will soon be running your own WordPress Blog Site!

WordPress Video Lessons Help You Learn

You can add feature to your site by including plugins designed to do specific tasks and you can also add different themes to change the look of your site and how your visitors feel about the experience. WordPress has many developers constantly upgrading plugins and theme features, meaning the winner is you, the blogger! Do check out all these WordPress Video Lessons on Wordy.Tv and get started with you WordPress Blogging!

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Logging On To WordPress

Here is a quick WordPress Video I have made to show you how to login to your new WordPress Blog, many people will drag away the Meta logon Option (you can see it in the sidebar) Because it looks ugly and makes the site look more like a Blog Site rather than a professional website. So basically you go to the widgets section in the appearance part of the dashboard menu and open it up. Once there you then click and drag the Meta Logon Icon away from the side to where the other “static” widgets are (Normally on the left side) That’s all you have to do to get rid of the WordPress Meta Logon. Once you have done this you simply go to the address bar (Blank space up top of browser) and type in your WordPress Website Address, once you have done that you will then add /wp-admin next to the address. Example JoesBlog.Com becomes JoesBlog.Com/wp-admin which once done you simply hit enter and the logon page will appear!! More about WordPress is Here 

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WordPress Video Lessons Help You Learn

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