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WordPress Examples needed. Ok in a shameless plug I will get the ball rolling, this is my WordPress Example Blog Site, I needed an online presence and my name is Rod, so I grabbed my name in the .Tv Domain Name Extension (.Tv is the extension for the Pacific Island of Tuvalu but is treated as a ‘Global Extension by Google’) It suited my needs as i was seeking to put some of my crappy tunes from YouTube on a WordPress Blog and the extension of .Tv promotes a visual experience. I have had a few WordPress sites and still do, but like most people I wanted a website but had no Html coding skills (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) So what was I to do? I also have an interest in Domain Names which are website addresses, so luckily it did not take too long to join a few forums and ask how I could make my domain names into a working site? I actually purchased a website blog on a forum and the person that sold it to me gave the logon password of “Simple One” Which I absolutely hated, but in a way he was correct, I had no idea and needed to start learning a bit about how to use this blogging platform? The great thing about forums is that you can ask questions and normally you get some great responses. I asked a few questions and got a start, from memory I had limited bandwidth and was unable to take advantage of the many WordPress YouTube Videos.

But as time went by I gained a little knowledge, mostly trial and error , I was even hacked and lost my first eight blogs which I had put a fair bit of time and effort into! I mentioned it to someone and they asked “Why didn’t you use the Tools section in the dashboard and save the content” Feeling a little dumb I replied “I didn’t know I had that option?” Even recently I changed my hosting and had to reload some of my blogs, but one or two were much too large to upload via the tools section where you get a plugin to help with this task “Import Content” So I ended up losing one big site and was not too happy, after all I had actually done the right thing and saved the content! With the other large site I decided to try something, which was to download the content post and pages as separate categories instead of downloading all the content in one large file. Guess what it worked, so it is fair to say ‘We are always learning‘ The thing is I was none too bright with many of the technical aspects of this world, in fact it is only recently I begrudgingly got a smartphone (I prefer to use a pc or laptop for my internet stuff) Yet here we are and I am able to share some info about WordPress and How to Blog. So I guess it really is true, WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the internet. I am also able to add pages relating to some ebooks I have written, so to me it is like a Virtual Calling Card and a work in progress!¬†Basically if I can do it, so can you ………. Rod.Tv¬†


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Seeking WordPress Examples

If you also have a WordPress site that you have been using for a few years I would be happy to showcase it. You would need to write about how it came to be and how it has helped you in either business or personal life? Perhaps you are a Photographer and you use your site as an online calling card, maybe you are an avid gardener and love to write and take photos of your achievements? It really doesn’t matter because that is the joy of using WordPress, it’s many many needs and different genres. All you have to do is start. My contact info is in the footer, basically you would need to write a minimum of 500 words about your site and send it to me in an email. I will then go to your site and take a screenshot and add a page with a link to your site!

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