Restore The Missing WordPress Justification Button

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What Happened To The Justify Button?

You really have to wonder why the justify button has mysteriously disappeared? After all this is the one function that makes our articles look nice and even! This is the one tool that you can use to make your text fit the page in an even and pleasant to the eye manner. It really does make you wonder why this great function was taken away. But don’t worry, all is not lost because in the world of WordPress there will always be someone out there willing to work on such problems! So as soon as this feature disappeared there were good folk out there working on a solution. Of course that solution comes by way of a plugin, plugins are the little bits of program that add functionality to our WordPress site. They can do many varied tasks, including upgrades, security and appearance! Please read on to see the way to fix this issue.

Use The Plugin Option

The answer to restoring the missing WordPress Justify Button is as simple as installing a new plugin called¬†Re-add text underline and justify¬†Once you have installed the plugin you do a few simple modifications as the video demonstrates and then you are back to what most bloggers would consider “Normal” The use of the missing WordPress Justification Button is paramount to displaying good quality text! It is well worth the effort to restore this appearance function and once you have done it you are set. I think there is always going to be changes when you use WordPress but it really is not a problem due to the fact it is an “open source” form of coding that allows for many features to be added via the plugin option. In fact you can even turn your blog/website into an online shop if you so desire, simply install the Woo Commerce Plugin and you are basically an online shop! Amazing! Of course with all new plugins you install you like to know exactly what features are on offer? My suggestion is to do a YouTube search and watch a few videos relating to the plugin you are planning to use. Ok watch the video and then re-install that pesky WordPress Justify Button, then do some more blogging!

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