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Mobile WordPress Plugins is the way your website will not be punished by the upcoming changes to the way Google searches the web for sites and information. Google has announced that it will be giving preferences to the website that are now fully mobile and responsive to all types of media such as smartphones and Tablets. It is not no longer good enough to just have a Blog or Website that only works on a laptop or Personal Computer. Your website will need to be mobile friendly and it is not that hard to achieve with the help of WordPress Mobile Plugin help! Mobile WordPress is simple to install and all you have to do is add the Management Plugin called Jet Pack to your site and you will see there is an option to click Mobile Theme. Once clicked you can even confirm your site is now mobile responsive by Testing Mobile Friendly Link. This will confirm your new Jet Pack Mobile WordPress Plugin is working and that you are now up with the modern world of user friendly mobile websites.

Mobile Websites Are a Must These Days

The Jet Pack plugin is in fact associated with WordPress.Com which means you can have full trust in the plugin to be reliable and not harmful to your computer in anyway. In fact you do not even need to go searching for it! You simply select New Plugin via the dashboard and when you go to the plugin search page you will see that is right up the very top of the page and all you have to do is simply click install. After you activate the plugin you will see you are now prompted to go to Wordress.Com and link your website to the Jet Pac plugin, once you do this you receive a confirmation message and you then go to Jet Pack settings and then scroll down until you reach Mobile Themes. Which you then click on Activate in the right hand side and after you can do a quick test to confirm all is well and you are now Mobile Friendly!


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