Learning The Different WordPress User Roles

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The Different WordPress User Roles

The needs of each WordPress User Roles may vary depending on your individual situation, it may be that you are running a blog about your family and that you are the only person that will be doing the posting? It may be that you are a member of a community group of parents and that you wish to allow other parents to contribute their thoughts and news or information? So how to do you allow them to add to the blog? It’s not too hard once you know the procedure and you can even set different capabilities for each different user role if you wish to expand on the standard WordPress User Role Settings. You can change the user role settings by adding a plugin that will give the different users a set of boundaries they are allowed to work within. In this WordPress Video I show the plugin that I have used to allow a contributor to add media files.

This is not normally an option for a contributor but because of the nature of the website I wanted to allow and user to post a Media File so they could share an image that they had drawn. The site is an Interactive Cartoon , so to speak. So it was important that the contributor to the site could add this element to their posts! I also have to approve the posts before they get published, but as the video says, once they have done five to ten posts and I trust them I will give them a new user WordPress User Role and they will be able to add posts and publish at their own free will. So it really is up to the person running the blog to decide who and what roles are being played out in their site. You may be running a sports club blog and want everyone to be able to contribute? The great thing about WordPress is the option is there to make a community based blogsite.


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