Learn How To Justify WordPress Posts

Justify WordPress Posts

You Should justify WordPress Posts. The presentation of our blog is the first thing noticed when a visitor first arrives and it may be what is the deciding factor if the site is returned to or not, an ugly site is not appealing and may lose visitors down the track, you can however improve the look of your work by making sure the posts are justified and even looking in their appearance. If you justify WordPress posts this approach makes for a much nice and more symmetrical look and feel to the website overall. It is not hard to do and yet adds so much more to your blogs look. This video tutorial will show you how you can be making your posts look better and enticing to returning visitors.

Justify WordPress Posts and Look Professional

As mentioned once you know how you will start to notice if people are doing it on other sites you visit and you will find yourself comparing the look and feel of these websites. Do they justify WordPress Posts? Do they look more professional? Are they easier the read, is the overall feel to the blog or website a better design? You can align your text to the left and to the right, even to the center! For me, other than in one example in this video I will always use the justify method to improve the look of my work and words. I think you will agree as well once you have made the easy changes to your posts. Also we will touch on the ‘More” option which allows you to hide some of your text by adding a “Continue Reading’ button. In long text based posts this can be a very handy option to save space and loading time on your WordPress Blog. The over all look and feel of your site is much cleaner when you justify your WordPress Posts


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