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How To Add a WordPress Page

How to add a WordPress Page to your blog? This WordPress Video Tutorial is about how to make a page on your blog, and yes again I will say that when you have done it once or twice you are basically an expert. That is the joy of this blogging platform, the addition of a page or pages can enhance your blog and demonstrate you are focused on particular areas that deserve their own special page and content area. It’s like having a mini blog inside a blog! You can dedicate the content to specific categories, I have written a few ebooks and use the pages as advertising for my ebook, so for me the addition of pages means I have a chance to showcase my writing endeavours and have what is basically a virtual business card on my site. Now I do think that a page should not go on for too long, so sometimes I prefer to do a Sub-Page and add extra content that way. I can offer extra information to my readers when I learn how to add a WordPress Page to my blog, so can you!

Add a WordPress Page and Expand Your Site

I also think it is another avenue for the search engines to index my site! To add a WordPress Page to your site is dead easy and this video will show you it only takes seconds to have a extra content section on your blog. You will also see that the Sub-Page is not hard to implement either, you basically just choose a parent and add via that method. The tutorial show you how the pages appear in the menu’s up top and in the sidebar. We will also see how to change the parent page to another and how to trash the page. So have a look at the video and then try to follow the steps and in no time at all you find that you are adding content to more sections of your blog. Enjoy the lesson and have a go after watching it! When you learn how to add a WordPress page you are adding extra feature to your WordPress Blog

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