Updating WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Updating WordPress Plugins

Updating WordPress Plugins is essential for the security and better running of your blog. Learn about updating WordPress Plugins. In this WordPress Tutorial Video we will look at how to update a Plugin, Plugins are the little ‘Pockets of Software” that you can add on to your site for further functionality and features. There are many many different plugins, some are paid for and some are free. In fact most are free but the developer normally has a paypal link you can donate to if you desire to? I have donated a couple of times before and if you use a plugin on multiple site it is definitely worth some thought as it takes these people time and effort to give you something for free!

Updating WordPress Plugins is Better Security

Now another thing to think about is that by keeping all our plugins up to date we are keeping the hackers at bay, some hackers become aware of the flaws in an old plugin and they exploit the weakness then get into your site and destroy your hard work (remember to back up regularly) So if we keep plugins up to date there is less chance of our site being corrupted by not so nice folk. Also these updates are normally done to improve the performance of a plugin so that is another good reason to do it. Plus it really is not too hard as this WordPress Plugin Update video will show you, so let’s get to it. ┬áPlease do excuse the cough at the 1.50 mark. The most import security aspect of your WordPress Blog is the management of the WordPress Plugins, you need to be vigilant when it comes to the security of your site. You will generally receive notification emails when a Plugin needs to be updated and as this WordPress Video shows you there are also reminders when you logon!

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