WordPress Sticky Post Stays Up Top

Make a WordPress Sticky Post Stay Up Top

Learn how to make a WordPress Sticky Post. In this WordPress Tutorial Video we will learn how to make a sticky post, which means we can make a post stay at the top of the page and be the first post read by visitors. It’s a handy thing to do if you wish to make a welcome post and explain to visitors what your WordPress Site is about. It is also handy to know how to make a Front page static, which means when visitors come the first thing they see each time is the same page. So you can either have your latest posts or a static Front page. If using the posts option you can make the welcome post a “Sticky Post” This will always be up the top of your WordPress and every post after that will become second and the welcome post will always be up top. A WordPress Sticky post is a very hand introduction and knowledge base for your blog’s readers!

A WordPress Sticky Post Stays First

The video will also show you how to drag a widget into the sidebar, of course you can drag widgets out of the sidebar as well. The great thing about the WordPress Blogging Platform is that it is very user friendly and easy to work with. You can customise many different elements of your blog to suit your needs. I mention in this video that perhaps a Restaurant may wish to display their menu on the Front page and I then show you how to do that, your posts will also be seen except via the post category links in the sidebar. The ability to easily manage your content is what appeals to so many users of WordPress and once you have a few goes there is no doubt you will agree that it is not only effective but also fun!┬áMake A WordPress Sticky Post and add to your Blog’s overall appeal to new readers!

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