Insert Video Into Your WordPress Blog Site

Insert Video Into Your WordPress Posts

Insert Video into your blog for extra information! In this post we will have a quick look at how to insert a YouTube video into your WordPress posts. You might be surprised at how easy it is to do. Basically nearly all videos on YouTube are able to be embedded into other websites/WordPress. Most video owners are quite flattered to think that someone will use their video and they leave the embedding option ‘Open’ So other folk can use their videos, pretty cool eh! In fact most of the videos on this site are third party videos and it is a great study resource for this site. It is now even easier to insert videos, it used to be that you would cut and paste a long line of Html code into your WordPress post but those days are gone and it is the iframe short code that has become the standard.

The iframe is a short code within the Html code (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) Mark up language is a term used in the print industry. Kinda means editing. The whole process has been streamlined to just copying one short line of code and then embedding it into your post. It only takes a moment and you then have video content in your blog. So have a look at the video and then try it for your self, do it once and be an expert! It is good etiquette to give credit to the author of the video, you will notice all the videos on this site have done this in respect to the author. We are in a video based world and the need to¬†¬†Insert Video Into Your WordPress Blog Site is essential to remain contemporary in today’s video based word!

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