Change WordPress Video Size On Your Posts

How To Change WordPress Video Size

Change WordPress Video size to suit your blogs template size. We recently learned how to insert a video into a WordPress Blog, but sometimes the standard sizes do not suit the shape and layout of the post, some themes have a different width so it is handy to know how to change WordPress Video size. So in this WordPress Tutorial Video we will have a quick look at how to make your blog post videos the size you think may suit your suit better. The bigger the video the longer the site will take to load (This may put some people off using your site/blog) In fact you may notice I only Place three posts on the front page of this WordPress Site because I don’t want it to take too long to load when you first visit, you can adjust how many videos/posts in the general settings part of the dashboard.

Change WordPress Video Size For a Better Fit

So let’s get to and have a look at how to change the size of a video in your blog post. We will make it too large and then change it back to the size that I normally use in each video. WordPress is so simple that once you have done before you are basically an expert! If you can Change WordPress Video Size on your posts you have more control over your blog and can customise the look and overall feel to the site, it can also help if your blog site is slow to load. It may mean you need to Change WordPress Video Size to make for a faster loading site? You can also Change WordPress Video Size on your pages? Perhaps you would like to make them larger to add to the feel of the page?


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