WordPress Widgets Give Your Blog Options

Learn To Use WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets are another fantastic feature of the WordPress blogging platform and although the video below shows you some coding you really don’t need to do this, just click and drag as it is shown in the first five minutes of the video. WordPress Widgets allow you to customize the look of your WordPress website. Remember you do not need to code anything, just click and drag, as shown in the beginning of the WordPress Video below. We will look at how we can add and take away widgets as required. The Use of Widgets is one of the biggest features of the WordPress Blogging Platform, WordPress Widgets allow us to fully customize our blog to our specific needs and requirements.

WordPress Widgets Mean More Options

Widgets are easy to manage and can be used to add many various features to the blog’s overall appearance! People use WordPress Widgets to add a link to pages, menus and to add better functionality to the blog. By Using Widgets we offer the visitor easier options to navigate the site. One example may be that you have made some pages but yet they are not visible on the frontpage? You simply go to the Dashboard and in the Appearance section there is a sub heading for WordPress Widgets, click on it! Once the Widget section opens up you can see that you simply only have to “Drag” the Page’s WordPress Widget into the sidebar section of the Widget Page and the Page’s Heading will appear in the frontpage next time you go there. This WordPress Video lesson shows us how to implement Widgets

By LearnWebCode

Here is another of ourĀ WordPress Videos that explains more about WordPress Widgets and just how simple it is make your blog’s appearance more suitable to your needs, it’s great fun to make your site look exactly like what you imagine it should be, and it’s just so easy!

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