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WordPress Videos to help you learn. At last you have decided to see what all the fuss is about? Yep it’s WordPress Videos, which is a blogging platform that allows us mere mortals who have no coding experience to have our own professional looking website blog and even business based website that is able to sell goods and products. There are also a number of folk using WordPress for their virtual business needs. You could say it’s like a business card, except it’s on the internet and can be expanded upon. Want to share the latest news, no problems! Want to show the world your latest pics, no problems! Want to allow others to also contribute to your website, you guessed it! No problem, that’s what makes WordPress so unique. With these WordPress Videos you can basically customize it to your individual needs, all kinds of professional people use WordPress to enhance their online activities, and remember there is no coding knowledge required. You could say it is a website in a box, just waiting to be opened and used! WordPress is used by approximately one quarter of the current internet users, it is quite possible your favorite site is run on the WordPress blogging platform.

The joy of WordPress Videos is that everyone can get involved, there are folk out there making new themes and plugins right now and the option for you to take advantage of this is so easy, many WordPress themes are free and many of the plugins are also free! Not sure what a plugin is? Well the answer is simply that they are small ‘addons’ designed to help you customize your site’s needs and purposes. Some plugins are designed to help your blog in its specific needs, example would be that perhaps you are running a community based blog and wish to allow others logon and add content (Posts) This can be done via a plugin, which once installed and activated allows you to set user options. You may wish to set it that all posts need to be approved by the administrator first? This is easily done in the settings option of the particular user management plugin you have chosen to use. This may sound confusing at first, but trust me you will soon be an expert and enjoy exploring all the options available to enhance your site! Perhaps you are a Photographer? Well there are themes specifically designed for images and you will soon have a professional blog to show the world your pics in style!

The one great thing about WordPress is that because it is an open source platform there is always someone trying to improve features and usage. One example may be that you require your posts to be shared on social media as well, easy, there are many plugins already developed with this in mind, perhaps you wish to run an online shop? Yep you guessed there are themes and plugins specifically designed for this purpose as well. The world of online blogging is only going to grow and it is essential to get started with your online exposure, WordPress Videos Will help the average person without coding knowledge do this by offering a large support base of folk all willing and able to help if you get stuck. There are also feature based themes that can be purchased, forums, directory and online stores are all available for the person seeking a dynamic online presence. This website will endeavour to show you the many options waiting for you and how in no time at all you can be a proficient communicator in the online world. But by now you probably just want to get started so let’s get to it! This blog will discuss Hosting, Domain Names, WordPress Themes and Plugins. So enjoy the journey to your new online freedom!

 Use WordPress Videos To Learn

Register a Domain Name, Get Some Hosting, Change Name Servers, Install WordPress, Find a Theme and Plugins, organise widgets and make a post and even a page

  You Need Your Own Hosting To Take Full Advantage Of All WordPress Features

If you host with WordPress there are limitations, get your own hosting !!!! 


By Tyler Moore

Learn With WordPress Videos

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